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Air Source Heat Pumps

The latest developments in the fields of climate control and energy conservation have allowed the creation of a new generation of domestic heating and cooling systems called Air Source Heat Pumps, that are:

  • Compact and unobtrusive.
  • Stylish and simple to control.
  • Very affordable to install and run.
  • Whisper quiet and ultra reliable.

Air Source Heat Pumps provide both cooling and heating on demand. It is an amazingly efficient home heating system that works by extracting the heat from the outside air, raising it to a higher temperature and then distributing it around the home. Because of this advanced technology, approximately three quarters of the heat generated is from a renewable energy source - the air around us - and therefore absolutely free of charge.

Air conditioning systems work by moving heat from inside your premises to the outside. The majority of installations require an indoor unit (wall or floor mounted) piped through to an outdoor condenser unit.ASPH can supplement or replace your radiators as you see fit – we carefully match units to your home, factoring size of your rooms and existing systems.