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Power Flushes

A build up of corrosion in your central heating system can create a sludge that affects the efficiency of your boiler. MLC can connect powerflush equipment (normally set up outside) to your central heating and clean the whole system without having to take off all the radiators. If you are experiencing any of the following you may benefit from a powerflush:

  • Cold spots in the radiators.
  • Radiator cold at the bottom or top.
  • Banging noises from the boiler.
  • Boiler cutting out.
  • Noisy pipes.

Power flushing is an inexpensive operation and can potential provide you with:

  • A warmer home.
  • Improved hot water.
  • Reduce fuel bills by up to 50%.
  • reduces the risk of breakdowns.
  • Increase lifespan of central heating system.

Magnetic system filters

This is another way to increase the life and efficiency of your central heating system. It's a simple unit that traps dirt, debris and sludge before it can do any damage to your boiler and controls. It's easy to install and will keep your system running at maximum efficiency. Maintenance is simple; it just needs a clean when you have your annual boiler service. It’s quick and easy to install very close to the boiler and it should last for the lifetime of your boiler.

Central Heating Inhibitor

Inhibitor is a vital ingredient for an efficient central heating system. Central heating inhibitor and cleaner help prevent build up of scale and protects against corrosion, bacteria, and sludge in all types of heating systems. The use of central heating inhibitor is a cheap way to add years onto the life of your boiler and reduce the risk of costly repairs.